Training Opportunities and Events

In addition to offering individual supervision, Dr. Coughlin provides various training options for licensed mental health professionals interested in mastering the theory and techniques of Intensive Short Term Dynamic Psychotherapy.

Eight to twelve participants are required for a core training group to form. Core training involves a three-year commitment and includes four three-day intensive blocks of training and supervision each year. These trainings are approved by the International Experiential Dynamic Therapy Association (IEDTA). All participants must be licensed mental health professionals currently treating adult patients.

  • Maintain a high level of focus
  • Develop an atmosphere of trust by displaying skill and competence and being a resource for patients and students
  • Build a collaborative alliance in which both participants give 100% of their effort to the task
  • Facilitate intense involvement, in which multiple modes of experience (cognitive, emotional, physical, and interpersonal) are facilitated and integrated
  • Keep anxiety and stress in the moderate range, alternating with periods of calm consolidation
  • Encourage profound moments of meeting by encouraging the removal of barriers to intimacy and closeness
  • Develop meaning and a coherent life narrative

Watch Dr Coughlin’s Introductory ISTDP Training Course

ISTDP Therapist Training

In addition to core training, which provides practitioners with a foundation in the theory and technique of ISTDP, a number of advanced training options are available for those who have successfully completed core training with Dr. Coughlin or any other IEDTA approved supervisor and trainer.

These options include:

  1. an advanced clinical group, for those interested in continuing to hone their technical skills;

  2. teacher training, for those interested in teaching the basics to others, whether in a University setting or in private training groups; and

  3. supervisory training for those who want to train and supervise other mental health professionals in the application of ISTDP in clinical populations. This supervision group includes training on how to run cohesive groups that optimize the learning environment.

Currently, Dr. Coughlin conducts training and supervision groups in New York, Australia, Denmark and Poland. Contact Dr. Coughlin if you are interested or want more information.

All supervised work must be videotaped. Those who live a distance from Albany have the option of sending tapes or DVDs of sessions to Dr. Coughlin so that supervision can take place via phone or Skype.

Conferences and training workshops are available around the world — see the list below

Seminars, Lectures, and Conferences

2021 Trainings:

Advanced Group:
July 8–10 and November 18–19

Teacher/Supervisor Group:
August 16–17, 2021

Danish Core Group:
November 7–9, 2021

Presentations and Seminars

Webinar on Complexity and Multiple Causation:
October 15, 2021 — Register Here

Nordic Mental Health Conference, Stavanger, Norway:
November 1–5, 2021 — Get Your Tickets Here

Full-Day Workshop on Complexity and Multiple Causation, in Kolding, Denmark:
November 11, 2021 — Contact Brian Kok to Register
A full-day seminar on the importance of working the triangle of person. This event will be at Comwell Kolding.

Webinar on Understanding and Resolving Conflicts regarding Intimacy and Closeness
December 6 & 13, 2021
Two-day Webinar from Israel
Information and Registration (Hebrew)or–
Contact Yuval Alon for Information and Registration

Interview with Dr. Coughlin:

Trainee Success Stories

Helping trainees to learn ISTDP, while facilitating the development of their own unique voice and talents in the process, is something I am passionate about and committed to. Many of my former trainees have gone on to make significant contributions to the field in their own unique way (over 20 at last count!). My ability to develop people, and support the very best in them, is something that gives me great pride and satisfaction.

Here are but a few of my former trainees, now contributing significantly to the field:

“Jon Frederickson”

Jon has taken what I offered him and ran with it. He has become an exceptional ISTDP therapist, sought after teacher and supervisor, and writer. His book, Co-Creating Change, is an award winning and best selling text that has been a major contribution to our field. In addition to offering training to mental health professionals around the world, he created an ISTDP training program at the Washington School of Psychiatry and developed the ISTDP Institute, with a strong online presence.

“David Wolff”

Dr. Wolff has developed his own voice in the field of ISTDP. His authentic, engaged presence, as both a therapist and teacher/supervisor, is highly valued by all who encounter him. He combines a keen intellect and high level of emotional attunement ,with a tremendous sense of integrity that informs all his work. He has conducted teaching and supervision groups for Psychiatric residents at UCLA and USC, as well as conducting private group training for licensed practitioners. His ability to create a safe but challenging atmosphere in which to learn, while facilitating strong and cohesive groups is a special talent of his.

“Laura Mott”

Dr. Mott is a Danish Psychologist who owned and operated a major consulting firm for many years. Through our work together, she developed a new and highly effective method of coaching, called Intensive Dynamic Coaching. She has contributed to the fields of both clinical and organizational psychology in her writings and teaching. Recently retired from the company, she continues to offer therapy to patients, supervision to therapists and training to executive coaches.

“Jeff Katzman”

Dr Katzman is a passionate advocate and talented ambassador for the practice of ISTDP in the field of Psychiatry. He has energized an entire department, and draws residents to the training program at the University of New Mexico with his talent for teaching, and enthusiasm for providing transformational therapy to patients. His presentations are highly engaging, as he often uses movie clips to illustrate key points about unconscious functioning and process of therapeutic change. He has adapted ISTDP for use in the emergency service, and co-edited a special edition of Psychiatric Annals (November, 2013) dedicated solely to ISTDP.


Trainee Successes

Tor Wennerberg, Clinical Psychologist and author“Training with Dr. Patricia Coughlin has been a life-transforming experience. Her unswerving commitment to the learning process of each trainee creates an environment that is both safe and challenging, allowing her students to reach deeply held goals for learning and personal growth. In the often emotionally intense process of ISTDP training, her steadfast and dedicated teaching and supervision anchors the learning process within a wealth of clinical experience and theoretical expertise.”

 — Tor Wennerberg, Clinical Psychologist and Author

— Torben Palmer Hansen, Clinical Psychologist in Private Practice, Denmark“I regard Patricia Coughlin the single best teacher and practitioner in her field on the international scene. Most of my work is inspired by her wonderful dialectic of the open heart and the precision of science. She has been my most important teacher and guide, personally and professionally. She is hardworking and sincere in everything she does. Yet she blesses everyone with her good humor and wit. I have only had good experiences with her for four years where I have had the good fortune of being her student and trainee, and she has become my friend. Ask me to whom would I send my loved ones for psychotherapeutic help or education and her name will be the first on the list.”

— Torben Palmer Hansen, Clinical Psychologist in Private Practice, Denmark

“Patricia Coughlin is widely recognized as one of the leading practitioners, supervisors, and teachers of ISTDP in the world. Having written two seminal books in this field, she also trains people in the U.S., Europe, and Australia. She has devoted her life to the advancement of the practice and teaching of psychotherapy. As someone who trained with her, I can attest to her excellence.”

— Jon Frederickson, MSW

Susan Warren Warshow, LCSW“Patricia Coughlin is a riveting, charismatic and brilliant teacher of ISTDP. She has an exceptional ability to articulate highly complex concepts with great clarity and has shepherded many clinicians towards becoming skilled ISTDP practitioners. Her work with her patients is deeply moving, given her level of psycho-biological attunement, compassion and skill. The profound transformational effect she has on her patients is readily apparent. I consider it one of my greatest professional gifts to have had the opportunity to train with her as she is a true master clinician and teacher. Her books carry her stamp of excellence as well.”

— Susan Warren Warshow, LCSW

David M Wolff“Twenty years into my career as a psychiatrist, I had the great fortune to encounter Patricia Coughlin and ISTDP. She inspired me to embark on a journey to learn how to become a much more effective psychotherapist. She has been an extraordinary teacher, supervisor, and mentor. She has an amazing ability to reveal and clarify unconscious processes and to explain how to use this knowledge for the patient’s well-being. Being in her core training group for three years was an intense and challenging experience which proved transformative. Her warmth, compassion, and deep commitment to my professional and personal growth have been profound. She is, quite simply, in a class by herself.”

— David M Wolff

Diane Byster, LMFT“My training with Dr. Coughlin was, by far, the most powerful and transformative experience I’ve ever had in a group. She embodies the gold standard for teaching, facilitating and bringing out the very best in her students. If you want the group learning experience of a lifetime, then this teacher is it!”

— Diane Byster, LMFT